Yosef Sonnenblick BPT MAG

BPT (Bachelor in Physiotherapy . MAG(master in gerontology)


Yosef is a Physiotherapist with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from Ben Gurion University.

He Specializes in orthopedics and sports injuries. Geriatric rehabilitation and vestibular rehabilitation.

Yosef has Over 20 years of experience.

In the past, he managed the Meuchedet home visits Physiotherapy Jerusalem district.

Currently he is the  director of Meuchedet Physiotherapy Clinic Beit Shemesh





Conditions treated:

Orthopedic rehabilitation and sports injuries

Vestibular rehabilitation.

Geriatric rehabilitation


Procedures performed:

The treatment is according to the patient’s needs.

It Includes diverse manual techniques. Training and practice.

Dry needling and electrotherapy treatments as needed