Hadar Groff Physiotherapist B.P.T

Physiotherapist B.P.T


Hadar Graf,

Physiotherapist Bpt

Hadar Graduated from her physiotherapy studies in 2011.

Hadar is a Physiotherapist in the field of women’s health – pelvic floor with over 10 years of experience.

Hadar was the head of pelvic floor field in the Greater Jerusalem area for Meuchedet.

Hadar runs childbirth education classes, an exercise instructor for pregnant women and uterine massage.

Hadar is currently Studying for her master’s degree in physical therapy with research in the field of women’s health.




Pelvic floor rehabilitation, preparation for birth, uterine massage


Conditions treated:

Treatment of pain during intercourse

Orthopedic pain during pregnancy

Postpartum rehabilitation

Abdominal separation and scar tissue reconstruction

Training for physical activity during pregnancy and after birth


Uterine massage for fertility

Support for menopause symptoms

Menstrual pain

Treatment of pelvic organ prolapse

Visceral treatment