Adi Rotman B.P.T



Adi Rotman

Physiotherapist Bpt

Adi finished her Physical therapy studies in 2012 – and has a Bachelor’s degree from Ben Gurion University.

Adi Specializes in treatment of scoliosis, spine defects and postural defects using the Schroth method.

Adi Handles orthopedic treatments for chronic and acute pain, rehabilitation after injuries and surgeries, preparation for orthopedic surgeries.

In addition, she treats dizziness (vertigo) – vestibular treatment and rehabilitation.

Adi is also a Pilates instructor – individual and group treatments.




Conditions treated:

Physiotherapist specializing in the treatment of scoliosis and postural disorders using the Schroth method.

Preparation for orthopedic surgeries

Rehabilitation after orthopedic surgeries

Treatment of dizziness (vertigo).

Treatment of chronic pain of musculoskeletal origin

Pilates instructor – conducts private and group Pilates classes

Procedures performed: